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About Us


To remain a responsible corporate citizen, to make people happy, with a philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all our business dealings, social and environmental policies.


Our goal is to be the leader in every market we serve, to nourish and delight customers with the highest quality results, finest craftsmanship, convenience and impeccable service.


Levingers has an ardent commitment towards innovative products and services that offer unique market segments and deliver convenience to consumers.

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The History of Levingers

The roots of Levingers can be traced back to a Jewish family who settled in South Africa during the WWII period.

Mr Henry Levinger started a small business, Levingers Expert Shoe Repairs, in End Street, Doornfontein, Johannesburg soon after arriving in South Africa.

His son, Peter Levinger, who qualified as a medical doctor and later a pharmacist had an urge to continue Mr Henry Levinger's legacy after his passing in 1981.

Peter's calling into the business and vision allowed him to grow the business and start the dry cleaning service, expanding the group to three more stores together with his sister Margret.

He realized the value in shoe repairs and why his dad was so passionate about this shoe repair business.With his new found passion and skill, Peter soon gained the reputation of being a master cobbler and became well known for his orthopedic work on shoes for adults and children.

He was employed by people the world over to fabricate Orthopedic supports. He made moulded soles for the likes of Bruce Fordyce, a comrades marathon champion, and other sportsmen to enable their shoes to work with their strengths and negate their inadequacies.

Sadly both Peter and Margret suffered health problems, the business operations fell onto the shoulders of Peter's daughter, Karyn.

Since then the business has changed hands twice more until Mr Yadhir Mooloo took over in 2012.

Mr Mooloo has been a driving force behind the brand growth and expansion, turning South Africa's oldest dry cleaners into the finest dry cleaner in the country.