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Levingers provides a tailor made service of in house dry cleaning, shoe repair, and clothes mending for large corporate business.

Tailor made suits of modern fabrics ,and shirts from Egyptian cotton.

Shoe care products , Accessories and Closet Care available in store.

We also specialize in intricate leather works.

The Art Of Dry Cleaning

ORIGINALLY STARTED BY specialist cobbler Peter Levinger, the Levingers brand has a long and diverse history. Renowned for his craftsmanship, Peter’s loyal following of customers stretched from Cape Town to Zimbabwe, a fact that allowed him to establish a brand name that is still a force in the market place six decades later. A merger with The Shoe Hospital in the 1990’s provided the impetus for a steady growth of modern and technologically advanced stores operating under the Levingers name.

Today Levingers is under the stewardship of Yadhir Mooloo, CEO of Hay Business Consultants. Yadhir’s first encounter with the Levingers brand was as a consultant contracted by then owners Excellerate Holdings Ltd to advice on the future development of the brand. Recognizing the potential in a brand that was getting ‘lost’ within the greater Excellerate group, Yadhir eventually took ownership of the brand in October 2012.

Although limited to Gauteng, Levingers is the largest and oldest dry cleaning company in the country, incorporating the Boston Domestic Dry Cleaners, Crystal Dry Cleaners, Pro-Kleen, VIP Dry Cleaners and Sandton Dry Cleaners brands. Between them, the 11 Levingers franchisees own all of the 47 Levingers stores which speaks volumes to the strength of the brand and the success of the model. Yadhir is very proud of the fact that Levingers is amongst a select group of franchise companies in South Africa that boasts not a single existing store for sale.

Under Yadhir’s guidance Levingers has embarked on an extensive revamp of their stores. With its new updated wall decor and by replacing the old, dark wood fittings with bright white and red cabinetry, Levingers outlets are being given a new lease on life.

/ Excerpt from

South Aftrican Franchise Warehouse Association – Advitorial Issue 35


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