We use advanced techniques in fabric care.

Priding ourselves in quality results to ensure every garment gets specialist attention from the time it arrives for any of our services until it is dispatched and returned to you.

Dry Cleaning & Laundering

We specialize in stain removal, attention to detail and take care to ensure all garments are quality checked before reaching you.

With our deluxe service each garment is individually cared for and is returned in a suit cover for your convenience.

Expert Tailoring & Mending

Each store has a fitting room for your convenience.

Our expert and dedicated tailors will mend, alter and tailor your garments to suit your needs and ensure the finished garment reaches your highest standards.

Shoe Repair

The Levingers cobblers are trained and skilled to replace heels, soles, rebuild soles, stitch, polish and clean your shoes, repair bags, luggage, leathers and sports equipment.


Curtains & Duvet Care

At Levingers we know that your curtains and duvets change with the seasons and take every care to have your items cleaned and returned to you ready for the next season.

Rug & Carpet Care

Rugs and carpets are important to the styling and makeup of your home, keeping them clean and dust free is what we are trained to do.

Allow us to take care of your rugs and carpets so that they can stand the test of time.

Key Cutting

Key cutting while you wait.

Handbag Cleaning

A handbag is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Handbags are often open and closed, left on the floor, used to shield the sun, rain and generally have a tough life.

At Levingers our cobblers and leather care specialists are trained to refurbish, clean, polish and restore your treasured handbags back to that showroom finish.

Leather Care & Refurbishment

Our leather care partners can refurbish, care for and restore damaged and old leathers, car seats, saddles, bags, steering wheels and are there to assist with any of your leather restoration needs.

Call us for more information and one of our friendly staff will assist you.


We provide a bronzing service for those special events in life. Visit us in-store and let one of our friendly staff assist you.


We dye fabric, shoes and leather. This is a highly specialized and professional service exclusive to our customers.