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Sneakers express individuality and personal identity more than any other fashion item. Keeping your sneakers clean is a way for you to prolong the lifespan and prevent unwanted odours.

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The best in sneaker cleaning.

Footwear can say a lot about a person. Always wearing clean shoes shows that a person cares about his/her appearance and themselves.
It’s important that you get your sneakers cleaned as dirty sneakers can be full of sweat and dirt, making them a breathing ground for bacteria and rancid odours.

At Levingers we offer a professional and detailed sneaker cleaning service, and help you maintain good hygiene with your beloved footwear.

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My wedding would have been incomplete without this dry cleaning company. I took our very expensive wedding dress to them, with some hesitation, but they didn't disappoint at all. They are real professionals and I highly recommend them.
Gracious Chavula
Excellent service! I was running late to pick up my suit and I needed it urgently, the owner waited for me. Highly recommended!
Mikey Adams
Very fast service and the sowing work was of a good quality. Would recommend them!
Marelke Botes
Highly impressed with the service provided, I would definitely recommend them.
Kenneth Ndlovu

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